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25% off Bali Blinds & Shades

Offer valid through February 26, 2023

1" LightBlocker Aluminum Blinds

  • Available in Best for Kids™ cordless lift
  • Sleek, valance free headrail design for maximum light control
  • Made from fire-retardant material that resists humidity, dust, stains, and scratches
  • Available in a range of colors, textures, and finishes

for 24" x 36"

Made of aluminum, Bali horizontal blinds (also known as mini blinds) are as versatile as they are functional. 1" LightBlocker Aluminum Blinds complement modern and traditional styles, fit any homeowner’s budget, and stand the test of time.


Humidity Tolerance

Budget Friendly

Slat Thickness

Slat Thickness

  • 6-gauge slats are thinner and made of high-quality, durable aluminum.
  • 8-gauge slats are thicker and made of premium, heavy-duty aluminum.
  • 6-Gauge Slat

    6-Gauge Slat

  • 8-Gauge Slat

    8-Gauge Slat

Control Type

Control Type

  • Cord Lift with Wand Tilt: A wand attached to the headrail tilts the slats open or closed. A color-coordinated cord raises and lowers the blind.
  • Cordless Lift with Wand Tilt: Use the wand attached to the headrail to tilt the slats open or closed. Raise and lower the blind by pulling on the bottomrail. Safer alternative for homes with kids or pets and provides a more streamlined look.
Bali Blinds | Wand Tilt with Cordless Lift Play Video
  • Cord Lift with Wand Tilt

    Cord Lift with Wand Tilt

  • Cordless Lift with Wand Tilt

    Cordless Lift with Wand Tilt

Inverted Slats

Inverted Slats

Inverting the slats brings up to 38% more daylight into your room. The highly reflective aluminum slats are turned upside down to throw more natural light into the room.

  • Inverted Slats

    Inverted Slats

Privacy Option

Privacy Option

  • Standard route holes are small holes cut into the blind's slats that allow the ladder cording to pass through. To increase light control and privacy, choose one of the options below instead.
  • Hidden Holes are innovative notches at the back of each slat that guide the ladder cording and eliminate standard route holes, improving privacy and light control. Not available with all options.
  • Standard Route Holes

    Standard Route Holes

  • Hidden Holes

    Hidden Holes

When you choose a custom Bali blind or shade, you’re choosing designer style and quality for a DIY price. And our helpful resources mean that you always have a partner in your project. Use the links to the right to get the detailed info you need to tackle any window treatment project like a pro.

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