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20% Off Cellular, Solar, & Roller Bali Window Treatments

Offer Valid Through April 30, 2024

Versatile Coverage

Innovative solutions. Flexible coverage. Versatile style.

  • Windows: Combo Shade with Cordless Lift: 3/4" Single Cell Shades: Impresario, Sandstone Gray 0590 (bottom) and Intuition, White Blossom 5800 (top). Door: 3/4" Single Cell VertiCell Cellular Shade: Impresario, Sandstone Gray 0590

Finding the perfect balance of sunlight, privacy, and protection for the changing needs throughout the day can feel harder than it really is. We have several solutions that make it easy to find the perfect balance.

¾" Single Cell Cellular Shades with Cordless, Bottom Up/Top Down, Cosmopolitan, Palm Tree 2854

Bottom Up/Top Down

Most Bali window treatments offer a bottom up/top down control type. When you’re able to adjust your blind or shade from both the bottom and the top, you can give your window some of the most versatile coverage available.

Some window treatments are also available in a top-down only control type, which can be an obvious choice for bathrooms.

Café & Double-Hung Shutters

Bali Premium Shutters in wood and composite come in two styles that offer versatile window coverage. Café shutters cover the lower half of a window, popularized by the style of cafés in Paris. Double-hung shutters can be opened on the top and the bottom, so you can open them up fully like a traditional shutter or one half at a time.

Sun Up/Sun Down Shades with Cordless Lift: 2" Pleated Shades: Luminence, Wedding White 4900 (top) and Gabardine, Gray Suit 3220 (bottom)

Sun Up/Sun Down Shades

Choose a sun up/sun down shade when you want to pair two cellular shades or two pleated shades together.

Combination Shades

Choose a combination shade when you want to pair a cellular shade with a pleated shade. This is also a fun way to create your own unique look. The cellular shade is on the bottom, and the pleated shade is on top.