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Privacy & Light Control

Bali window treatments are designed to not only complement, but elevate the décor in every room. But their primary purpose is functional. From sheer to blackout to everything in-between, Bali has a solution for every light control and privacy need.

  • Cellular Blackout Fabrics
  • Bali EasyTouch Lift system

Privacy vs. Light Control


While light control might seem like the main purpose of a window treatment, don’t underestimate the importance of privacy. After all, in some rooms, allowing the outside world to see silhouettes might be okay—but in others, such as bathrooms or bedrooms, it might not.

Bali Solar Shades

Light Control

Having the ability to control incoming light can impact the temperature in the room or have adverse effects on your flooring or furniture. That’s why window treatments have different opacities, so you can diffuse the light coming in—or block it out altogether.

Solutions By Space

  • Side Channels

    Side channels can be installed along a shade’s sides to prevent light from seeping through those pesky cracks, which could be the difference between waking up with the sun—or sleeping in on weekends. Available with Roller Shades, Solar Shades, Cellular Shades, and Pleated Shades.

  • Motorization

    Motorizing your shades have plenty of benefits, including convenience and ease of use for shades in hard-to-reach spaces. Having the ability to raise and lower shades in your bedroom with the touch of a remote or app gives you instant privacy and light control.
  • Blackout Fabrics

    Many of our products are offered in blackout fabrics, which means they block out light completely. This makes them ideal for getting in a few extra zzzzz’s in the morning.
  • Bottom Up/Top Down

    Lower from the top or raise from the bottom to let in plenty of incoming light, while still controlling the view into your home from the outside. This option is available with Cellular Shades, Pleated Shades, Classic Roman Shades, and Natural Shades.

  • Privacy Liners

    Privacy liners don’t completely block out the light, but add assurances that no one from the outside can see in, which is pretty important for bedrooms—especially those on the first floor.
Things You'll Love About Our Products
baby's bedroom with distinct sunlight rays


Life’s easier without unwanted bright light coming into your home. Whether you want to eliminate glare from your TV or prevent others from seeing in, your home should be a comfortable sanctuary, day and night—and the right light control can help you achieve that.

wood and brick office with motorized shades


When out in the sun, you protect your skin by wearing SPF. The same goes for items inside your home. Artwork, flooring, and furniture can all sustain fade and damage when left in direct sunlight. Window treatments can help block harmful UV rays, protecting your possessions for years to come.

warm toned living room

Energy Efficiency

Window treatments can help keep cold air from escaping through your windows in summer (and hot air in winter, too!) for added energy savings. Additionally, motorized window treatments allow you to create routines and time-based schedules that can help you sleep in, improve home security, and more.

dark bedroom with BUTD shades

Flexible Light Control & Privacy

Want more privacy? Lower from the top. Need more light? Raise from the bottom. Your light control and privacy needs will shift throughout the day—now your shades can, too!

warm toned office

Control Glare

Consider Bottom Up/Top Down shades for office spaces where long hours in front of a screen can lead to eye fatigue—or adjust from either end to control glare on television screens and other surfaces at different times during the day.

Better Light, Better Sleep

Bottom Up/Top Down cordless shades are ideal for any room where you want to maximum incoming light—or enjoy the bliss of total darkness.