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25% Off All Bali Window Treatments

Offer Valid Through June 9, 2024

Energy Savings

Lower your energy bills—and increase your comfort—year-round. 

  • 1 1/4" Single Cell Cellular Shades with Motorized Lift: Halo, Gray Whisper 0120

Adding window treatments to your windows not only adds style and privacy but also energy savings. The sun bakes your room through an uncovered window during hot months, making your air conditioner work harder, while unchecked UV rays fade furniture and carpet.

When the weather turns cold, the warmth from your hard-working heater is lost through your bare windows—not to mention the cold blasts that can come through on an icy night.

The good news is that simply adding a window treatment immediately reduces the heat or chill transferred through your windows.

Some window treatments are especially good at insulating. Explore the solutions below to find which are right for your room.

3/4" Single Cell Cellular Shades with Cordless Lift
Window: 3/4” Single Cell Cellular Shades with Cordless Lift: Restore Light Filtering, Subtle Touch 0952; Door: 3/4” Single Cell VertiCell Cellular Shade: Restore LIght Filtering, Subtle Touch 0952

Cellular Shades

Our hands down, number-one pick for energy savings is a Bali Cellular Shade. Cellular shades are made with a honeycomb shape intentionally designed for energy savings. In fact, Bali Cellular Shades reduce heat transfer by up to 64%*. The cells trap hot and cold air escaping through your window to keep you more comfortable in every weather.

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Solar Shades with Cordless Lift: EcoLiving, Thunder Haze 10053

Solar Shades

For hot and sunny climates, solar shades are a popular energy-saving pick. Their unique engineering allows a view through the window while still offering up to 99% UV protection. White and other light fabrics reflect sunlight away from your room to reduce the heat that can come through your window.

If you want nighttime privacy in your room, consider pairing your solar shade with drapery or order a dual shade with a blackout roller shade.

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2" Wood Blinds with Cordless Lift/Wand Tilt: Grey Mist 1889 with 3" Standard Valance and 1 1/2" Cloth Tapes: Coastal Fog C159

Wood Blinds

Blinds may not come to mind when you want energy savings, but here the opportunity comes with the material. Our North American hardwood is naturally insulating, so when you choose Bali Wood Blinds, you’re also choosing energy savings.

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Wide windows and sliding glass doors can be an even more noticeable source of energy loss. See our wide windows and doors article to find energy-saving solutions for these special cases.

*Based on product testing by Architectural Testing Incorporated