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DIY Shutters

  • Available in one classic shutter style 
  • Resistant to heat and humidity—perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms 
  • Durable polymer material won’t fade, warp, crack, or peel 
  • Streamlined options for easy decision making

for 24" x 36"

For a timeless look that’s perfect for any décor, choose Bali DIY shutters. Customizable light control, privacy, and size options perfectly fit your home and lifestyle. Our shutters are sturdy and welcoming—an ideal combination that’ll make them your favorite for years to come.

Easy to Clean

Humidity Tolerance


Panel Configuration

Panel Configuration

Determine how you would like the shutter panels to open.

  • Single Panel (L)

    Single Panel (L)

  • Single Panel (R)

    Single Panel (R)

  • 2 Panels (LR)

    2 Panels (LR)

  • 2 Panel Bifold (LL)

    2 Panel Bifold (LL)

  • 2 Panel Bifold (RR)

    2 Panel Bifold (RR)

  • 4 Panel, 2 Bifolds (LLRR)

    4 Panel, 2 Bifolds (LLRR)

  • 4 Panel, 1 T-Post (LRTLR)

    4 Panel, 1 T-Post (LRTLR)

Louver Size

Louver Size

  • 2½" louvers are traditional-size louvers that highlight your shutters, making them the focal point of the room.
  • 3½" louvers are larger louvers that give you a better view to the outside when they're opened.
  • 2½" Louvers

    2½" Louvers

  • 3½" Louvers

    3½" Louvers

Tilt Type Options

Front Tilt (Double Mouse Hole): Placed on the front of the shutter panel, an easy-to-operate standard tilt bar is color coordinated to your shutter. Close the louvers by pushing the tilt bar up or down into either of the decorative cut-outs in the shutter panel.

Hide-A-Tilt™: A color coordinated control bar is placed on the back of the shutter panel for a sleek look, a clearer view to the outside, and easier-than-ever louver cleaning.

  • Front Tilt (Double Mouse Hole)

    Front Tilt (Double Mouse Hole)

  • Hide-A-Tilt<sup>™</sup>


Divider Rail

Divider Rail

A divider rail increases privacy and tailors your shutters to your space. You can leave the louvers on top open while closing the ones on the bottom for privacy. The divider rail will always be centered on your shutter.

  • Center Divider Rail

    Center Divider Rail

  • No Divider Rail

    No Divider Rail

When you choose a custom Bali blind or shade, you’re choosing designer style and quality for a DIY price. And our helpful resources mean that you always have a partner in your project. Use the links to the right to get the detailed info you need to tackle any window treatment project like a pro.

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